oh no a white person subbed this

poidkea replied to your photo:ugh

did you just get your wisdom teeth out?? how u doin

yeah i got the left side out this time

i’m ok, it hurts but I’m watching my dad make mashed potatoes, we might go get froyo tonight



i do a lot of crosswords because i’m a 72 year old woman sitting in the park feeding pigeons

I know people on this site are always posting relatable text posts about how sad or awkward it is to have two friends who are better friends with each other than they are with you but there are few greater joys than two best friends who both decide you are rad and they fawn over you and it feels like they’re your friend parents just uvu and you don’t always get their dynamic or you don’t always get invited when they hang out but you don’t need to? idk. i like it.

i dont wanna get my wisdom teeth outttt againnnn hhhhh

bipolarjasontodd replied to your post:i was so close to 20mil SS again but then I spent…

what do the speed ones do??

they raise your goat’s speed but that’s a useless stat that’s going to be removed eventually? So speed gemdrops won’t be distributed anymore or might be changed to something else idk but I really hope they just end up being a useless old item that looks neat haha… I want to have one of each gemdrop on my battle goat’s treasures (because there are four, and the rows have four so it would fit really well) but the other ones are going to be distributed from goat princess quests eventually so I just needed to get a speed one ASAP1

i was so close to 20mil SS again but then I spent 6mil OOPS


i had a good (and kinda busy) birthday! thank you for all the good birthday wishes and have a good night!!!

i got: 2 frying pans, 3 baking dishes (one with lid), a toaster, and a vase (my grandpa was looking to buy me 20 roses because I’m 20 now, but no one sold them so he bought two dozen, removed four, and relabeled the bouquet to say “20 stem roses” and it was so cute he is so cute??? and my grandpa that went through surgery also showed up for dinner and I’m so happy he was able to because he was really weak after the whole thing and my sister was there and we had ice cream cake and everything was so good I’m so happy kisses he world good night)

(jackson also gave me a teddy bear and a metal baking pan so I can make brownies!!!!! ugh I’m so happY!)