how do parents even teach babies how to crawl or walk, i see them stumbling around and waddling and crawling and i just want to swoop them up and kiss them 

god i have way too many ideas for items that could come out of the fishing game I mean IMAGINE the possibilities

conch shells, cowry shells, a pearl, a lost ring or necklace, message in a bottle, toy boat, sand castle building bucket or just a toy bucket with shovel, a sand castle!, a tire, etc

I can also think of like a million fish species but I assume those are gonna b added over time (sea urchin, sea anemone, jellyfish, moon jellies, sea angels, cuttlefish, axolotls, frogs, angler fish, tuna!!!, swordfish, flounder, etc)

descriptions in all caps confuse me . why are you yelling. hush friend.

so that spinning globe is not a gif, it’s one png file that is constantly being repositioned and cropped by the page’s html





im laughing so hard



but isn’t that….normal in games and stuff? o_o i dont know anything about coding, and thinking about images and junk it makes sense to me to make it a gif, but….is this…really such a bad thing??? help


Blazed it

im so angry and sick

i couldnt sleep last night and everything hurts

im getting sick so sorry if im not around much friends 

"why are my friends online so late at night when i should be in bed" i say before realizing what it was like to be friends with me in highschool

Ahhh I got my bandelettes and they are really comfy! the elastic is really good and they fit pretty well without it (no thigh pinch!) so im not worried about them getting stretched out….

I will tell you guys if they slip down ever

mad about housing