that twitter conversation hussie had where he made a joke about the autism spectrum is 1.5 years old 0:)

babies have very good energy
my mom is full wisdom

I’m having a really strong emotional response to britney spear’s perfume i think it’s time to go to bed

it occurs to me that most people’s “bird friends” like KNOW shit about birds. like they know species and stuff and calls and all this other shit but…

I’m excited about about birds how people are excited about dogs

i love them

kisses a duck

I’m also upset because i can’t find my tweezers and jackson took his with him and my face is rly hairy

I have to go to the library in like 10-15 minutes. I know I’ll be fine but I’m very anxious about it and I feel like I’m going to throw up. Tired of feeling nauseous on the bus and then a feeling of relief on the way home. 

I think I might have to become a vegetarian u g h

less nervous but hhhhhh


something i think is really hard for a lot of allies to deal w/ is that 

the actual oppressed groups’ voices matter more than yours all the time but this ALSO INCLUDES moments where you’re explaining something about, say, western sexual imperialism of east asian women, and an actual east asian woman interrupts you and tells you that she doesn’t think there’s any hypersexualization of asian women’s bodies and feels equal to white women, YOU STOP TALKING.

YES there are literally dozens of papers, articles, movies, etc etc etc talking about this but the fact that you have access to that amount of information and are entrenched enough in academia to have read it and understood it is a privilege that is important to be conscious of. YES it might make you feel stupid or like you’ve “lost” or something, but speaking over her voice in a group setting especially just perpetuates Oppressor-speaking-over-Oppressed which we have enough of. Oppressed voices ALWAYS come first.